HappyBottom® Ultimate Pool Pad

HappyBottom® Ultimate is our premium pool pad. Made of super premium cross-linked foam, it is the ultimate in swimming pool floor padding. The cross-linking provides extra toughness and resilience. HappyBottom® Ultimate resists flattening, even when used under the liners of pools that have extra high walls. This is made with the same material used under artificial turf in NFL football fields.

This pool pad can add years of life to a pool and its liner. Used under a pool, HappyBottom® creates a puncture resistant barrier that helps protect the liner. The pool pad also acts as a vapor barrier that keeps corrosion causing moisture away from metal pool components.

A soft, smooth, easy to clean pool, with reduced indentations and added insulation are just a few of the many valuable benefits of using HappyBottom® Pool Pad.

HappyBottom® is a registered trademark of the Gladon Company. If it’s not Gladon, it’s NOT HappyBottom®! (We do not recommend using HappyBottom® without Gladon Pool Cove.)

Features of HappyBottom® Ultimate Pool Pad:
  • Made With Premium Cross-linked Foam 
  • Easy To Install 
  • Extends Liner Life 
  • Reduces Heat Loss 
  • Makes Bottom Cleaning Easier 
  • High Density/Low Compression 
  • May Eliminate The Need For Sand 
  • Helps Protect Pool Liners From Punctures 
  • Great For Pool Set Up On Concrete 
  • Minimizes Corrosion Of Metal Components 
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