Inground Pools



Why choose a steel pool? 

They have ultra-durable construction. The steel wall panels are factory-engineered out of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with unparalleled strength. The entire pool is surrounded by study, heavy gauge galvanized steel braces for solid support of the pool walls.

Steel pools are easier to install. Steel pool kits can take 75% less time to install compared to other pool types.
Steel pools have a sure-fit coping system that has a proprietary bead with a PVC locking system that prevents the bead from coming out of the track.

Steel pools also come in many different shapes and sizes compared to other pool types.  
If choosing a steel pool, you will need to choose a vinyl liner to go inside the pool. We offer many different vinyl liners from Hydra Pools. 

There are many different options when it comes to an inground pool for accessories to enhance your pool.  


Why choose a fiberglass pool? 

We offer two brands of fiberglass pools: Viking Pools and Thursday Pools. Both companies have been manufacturing fiberglass pools for over 30 years. Each company has their own design of fiberglass pools. We offer both companies to give you better choices in design. A fiberglass pool can be installed faster than a steel panel vinyl liner pool since the shell is already pre-made. Fiberglass pools do not require a vinyl liner so you do not have to worry in the future about replacing the liner as you would with a steel pool.

Fiberglass pools are usually more expensive than a steel pool. They also don’t offer you the depth that you can get with a steel pool.
Both steel pools and fiberglass pools have pros and cons and the choice of pool is chosen is left up to the customer. We like to give our customers both options of pools to choose from.

As with a steel pool, there are many accessory options to choose from to enhance your pool. 
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