Pool Opening & Closing

When is the right time to open or close my pool?

How can I prevent my pool from being green in the spring?

When to open and close your pool is really up to you. However, we recommend closing the pool before Oregon gets hit with freezing temperatures. Although the plumbing will be fine with the pump on, there is always the risk of losing power, which could lead to serious damage to the pool’s filtration equipment.

The best way to prevent your pool from turning green is to open your pool in early spring, such as April, and to open and close your pool when the water temperature is 65 degrees or less. Closing your pool at this temperature will help to minimize or prevent algae growth during the colder months when the pool is not in use. This is also a good temperature for restarting the equipment and balancing the water when the pool is ready to open again.

 It is best to have your pool opening and closing completed by a trained Recreational Concepts Inc. professional, as both processes are a vital part to the operational success of your swimming pool.

Our professional pool opening service includes:
  • Removal of winter cover 
  • Removal of winterizing plugs  
  • Reassembly and activation of filtration equipment 
  • Reassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc. 
  • Addition of start-up chemicals  

Our professional pool closing service includes:
  • Plumbing line preparation to accommodate winter temperatures 
  • Winterization of filtration equipment 
  • Addition of winterizing chemicals 
  • Disassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc.
  • Installation of winter cover 

Please note that the above services are included in our All-Inclusive Maintenance Package. Contact us for pricing, contract details, or more information on pool closing and pool opening services in Oregon and surrounding area.
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