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 Water Balance: To achieve the perfect water Balance, this includes having the right amount of: PH, TOTAL ALKALINITY, and CALCIUM HARDNESS & CHLORINE.  

PH OVERVIEW: Ideal RANGE 7.2-7.8

Low pH  
  • Water is acidic, which can cause corrosion of equipment and surfaces. 
  • Raise the pH with soda ash or any pH Increaser product. 
  • If pH tends to be low, test frequently when adding tap water, shocking, heavy rainfall, or with heavy pool use. 
High pH 
  • Water is basic, which can form scale on equipment and surfaces and reduce chlorine effectiveness. 
  • Lower the pH with muriatic acid or any pH Decreaser product. 
  • If pH tends to be high, test frequently when adding tap water, shocking with calcium or lithium based shocks, or if the Total Alkalinity reading is high. 
Total alkalinity OVERVIEW: Ideal RANGE 80-120

Low Total Alkalinity
  •  Causes pH to bounce up and down. 
  •  Water is corrosive to equipment and surfaces. 
  • Raise the TA with sodium bicarbonate or any TA Increaser product. 
High Total Alkalinity 
  • Causes pH lock. 
  • Water scale is forming, which is harmful to equipment and surfaces. 
  • Lower the TA with muriatic acid or any TA Decreaser product. 
Calcium hardness OVERVIEW: Ideal range 150-400 

Low Calcium Hardness 
  • Water is corrosive, causing etching or pitting of surfaces.  
  • Raise the calcium hardness with any Hardness Increaser product. 
High Calcium Hardness 
  •  Water scale is forming, which calcifies equipment and causes cloudy water. 
  • Lower the calcium hardness by partially draining and refilling the pool. 
Phosphates: Keep near zero
Phosphates occur naturally and due to water and air pollution. Phosphates are food for algae when there are high levels of phosphates they will be reduced to orthophosphates, which algae can digest. Phosphates eat up chlorine and become increasingly resistant to it which can quickly cause an algae bloom. You want to be a near zero level for phosphates which can mean one heavy does, to weekly maintenance.  

Pool Pride Algicide 30
Pool Pride algaecide is designed to control algae in swimming pools. It kills established "green" and "black" algae and remains effective with long-lasting residual that prevents the regrowth of algae which continually infest pool water.
  • Maintenance Dosage: 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons (weekly)  
  • Treatment for Pools w/ Visible Algae: 24 oz. per 10,000 gallons 
  • Treatment for freshly filled pool: 13 oz. per 10,000 gallons
  •  Pool Pride Algicide 30 is compatible with those chemicals normally used to treat pools
Specially formulated to prevent and remove mineral stains and scale from pool while the pool is filled with water. 
  • Maintenance Dosage: 3 1/2 oz. per 5,000 gallons (weekly) 
  • Treatment for freshly filled pool: 7 1/2 oz. per 5,000 gallons 
  • Dilute in a pail of water before applying correct dosage to pool. 
  • Stainban is compatible with those chemicals normally used to treat pools.   
Pool Pride Super Clarifier
  • This product is designed to coagulate particles of dirt and the smallest micro contaminant particles which cause cloudy and discolored water. The coagulated masses now can be filtered out and water will be restored to a clear sparkle. 
  • Maintenance Dosage: Add 2 oz. of Pool Pride Super Clarifier per 10,000 gallons of water, once per week. 
  • For Very Cloudy Pool: Use 8 oz. (1 Cup) per 10,000 gallons. Do not add directly to pool. Take 1/2 cup at a time and dissolve in a pail of water. Distribute around pool.  
Pool Pride Hardness Increaser
  • Low calcium causes corrosion to your pool. Pride Calcium Hardness Increaser is used to raise the levels of calcium hardness in your pool and prevent harmful corrosion.
Pool Pride PH Reducer
  • PH reducer helps maintain proper water balance by lowering PH and total alkalinity in pools and spas.
Pool Pride Total Alkalinity Increaser
Raises total alkalinity in pool water when it falls below 100 ppm.

Pool Pride Stabilizer/Conditioner
Pool Pride conditioner makes Pool Pride chlorination simpler and more effective. This conditioner helps shield your pool's chlorine residual from the destructive effects of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. When used as directed, this conditioner makes your chlorine last longer.

Pool Pride 3" Tabs
Our most popular chlorine! 3" Chlorine Tabs weigh 7 oz. and are slow-dissolving. Powerful 89% available stabilized chlorine. Perfect size for floaters, skimmers or almost any automatic feeder. 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

PEPPER® is the perfect ingredient for salt water pools. It is a special blend of select ingredients formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of salt water pools. Adding PEPPER to your pool will enhance water quality, protect pool equipment and reduce overall maintenance.

Use PEPPER® regularly to:
  • Increase the life and performance of the salt water generator 
  • Improve sanitizer effectiveness 
  • Greatly enhance water clarity  
  • Limit troublesome pH fluctuations 
  • Prevent scale buildup on the generator cell, pool equipment and surfaces 
  • Help maintain low phosphate levels 
PEPPER® is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment plus there is no waiting to swim. After the initial application, most salt water generators can be operated at lower settings. Use just twice a month to keep your salt water swimming pool perfectly seasoned! 

What PEPPER® does for your pool: 
  • Greatly enhances water clarity – oxidizes debris and enhances filter performance 
  • Provides extended protection for pool equipment and the generator cell 
  • Significantly reduces pool maintenance – fewer chemical balance adjustments and less cleaning 
REVIVE!™ Algaecide & PhosPhate Remover
The best solution for severe algae cleanup

REVIVE!™ is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water. It is formulated for use on new pool startups, replaster / remodel / refills, spring openings, abandoned pools, severe algae cleanups and ongoing maintenance of all swimming pools. REVIVE! ™ is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes and does not require any pre-balancing or pre-treatments. Plus, it will not cloud the water or stain pool decks .

Phosphate Remover: Helps remove/eliminate phosphates caused by fertilizers, cleaners and other pollutants
Test for Phosphates: (If your pool will not hold chlorine you probably have phosphates) Add ½ bottle into skimmer, then 12 hours later add the balance. Wait 3 days then backwash.

  • CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer, removes and eliminates copper, manganese, and iron, from pool and spa water. CuLator is nontoxic and works in fresh and saltwater. Simply place a pre-measured flow-through Ultra PowerPak in the skimmer or pump basket. As water passes over, metals are trapped inside. After use, toss the biodegradable Ultra PowerPak away!
  • Extra Strength Stainfree is an all-natural stain remover that contains a blend of industrial strength ascorbic acid. It quickly removes metal staining without adding phosphates to your water.
    •  All natural stain eliminator
    • Tough on old set-in stains • Compatible with all sanitizing systems
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Phosphate free
  • Total Backwash: Sand Filter Backwash Aid.  
    • Total Backwash is compounded to remove both minerals and oil deposits adhering to the sand particles in pool filters.
  • Super Clarifier: Designed to coagulate smaller particles of dirt which makes the water cloudy. This product will help those particles be filtered out.
Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight
The Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight was designed to stop metal erosion, and plaster discoloration due to Electrolysis. Keeps skimmer basket in place. Mounts to the inside or outside any skimmer basket. The Anti-electrolysis Weight Acts as a sacrificial anode – A sacrificial anode can be defined as a metal that is more easily oxidized than the protected metal. Electrons are stripped from the anode and conducted to the protected metal, which becomes the cathode. The cathode is protected from corroding, i.e., oxidizing, because reduction rather than oxidation takes place on its surface.

Anti-Electrolysis Skimmer Basket Weight Features
  • A must for salt water pools! • Helps protect pool lights from saltwater damage. 
  • Prevents black stains from forming around the pool light. 
  • Prevents, erosion of stainless steel and chrome plating on lights hand rails and metal steps. 
  • Safe for all pools 
  • Attaches to the inside or outside any skimmer basket. 
  • Size: 3″ diameter 
  • Emerald Spa Care Spa Shield: You can also use Stainban
    • Eliminates existing metal stains from the interior surface of the spa. It also softens water and prevents calcium build up – a condition which may damage the spa’s equipment. *This product can be added on a weekly or bi-weekly basis 2 oz. per 500 gal 
  • Emerald Spa Care Spa Clear Clarifier  
    • Clarifier that coagulates suspended dirt and soap residue do to normal use. (Run spa 20 minutes after use)  
  • Emerald Spa Care Spa Shock   
    • Eliminates organic contaminants such as perspiration, oils, ammonia and urine. It also rids spa of chemical odors and cloudiness caused by organic residue.
    • *Add 2 oz. weekly directly into spa  
  • Emerald Spa Care Foamex Spa Defoamer
    •  Designed to eliminate foaming in spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.  
  • Diamond Spa Care  
    • Assures clean, sparkling clear water. Eliminates strong chemical odors. Prevents scum, waterline and organic build up. Eliminates soaking and scrubbing of filter cartridges 
    • *Treat once a week: 1 oz. /500 gal 

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