We build fiberglass and steel pannel vinyl liner pools

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We also specialize in Above Ground Pools and Decks

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Why Choose Inground Pools?

An inground pool is so much more than a place to swim. It's a lasting investment in both your home and in your life. A pool can add value to your property. It can help turn any time into family time. And it can be a resource for fitness and relaxation. By installing an inground pool, the life of luxury is always within your grasp – and right on your own property!  

Why Recreational Concepts, Inc?

Regardless of the vision you have for your pool or yard, Jeff and his staff will work with you to ensure that vision comes to life and your pool area reaches its utmost potential. Jeff is a custom designer and is ready to construct a personal paradise made specifically for you. With our help, you can have a fire pit, waterfall or diving board; an outdoor kitchen; or even a natural stone patio. Our team will work with you to design the outdoor environment that fits your lifestyle and turns your backyard into a perfect oasis for years of fun and relaxation.

Why Steel Panel Vinyl Liner Pool?

Once you have designed the shape and style of your pool it is time to add the pizzazz. We can easily add a wide variety of special options to complement your steel panel pool including waterfalls, custom steps, and beach entries among other unique options.

Did you know that saltwater pools are extremely popular right now?

That’s right. About 95 percent of our pools have a saltwater system as part of their set-up, which is better for both your body and your wallet than a traditional pool. Saltwater pools are not as heavily concentrated as the ocean; they only have a fraction of the amount of salt, which helps to create a more pleasant swimming experience.

With a saltwater pool:
  • Skin does not get as dry as it does in a traditional pool
  • Eyes should not burn as they can in a traditional pool
  • Blonde hair should not turn green as it can in a traditional pool
Additionally, installing a saltwater instead of a traditional pool can save you money in the long term. This is for several reasons:
  • Saltwater pools have a more stable environment than traditional pools, so less chlorine is needed to keep them free of bacteria.
  • With a saltwater pool, homeowners do not even have to purchase chlorine. This is because Sunset Pools & Spas knows how to convert the actual salt from your pool into chlorine, eliminating the need to buy it.
  • Overall, salt is much cheaper than chlorine. Which one would you rather buy?
More importantly, chlorine can be a dangerous chemical to keep around the home, so saltwater conversion is a safer option for both children and pets.
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