Salt Water Pools


Salt water pools have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. About 95 percent of our pools have a saltwater system as part of their set-up, which is better for both your body and your wallet than a traditional pool.

Salt water pools are not as heavily concentrated as the ocean; they only have a fraction of the amount of salt, which helps to create a more pleasant swimming experience.

Advantages of a Salt water pool

• Skin does not get as dry as it does in a traditional pool
• Eyes should not burn as they can in a traditional pool
• Blonde hair should not turn green as it can in a traditional pool

Money savings with salt water pool versus a traditional chlorine pool
• Salt water pools have a more stable environment than traditional pools, so less chlorine is needed to keep them free of bacteria.
• With a salt water pool, homeowners do not even have to purchase chlorine. This is because Recreational Concepts, Inc knows how to convert the actual salt from your pool into chlorine, eliminating the need to buy it.
• Overall, salt is much cheaper than chlorine. Which one would you rather buy?

Also, chlorine can be a dangerous chemical to keep around the home, so salt water conversion is a safer option for both children and pets.

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